Kickstart your career with an internship at Virgin Galactic. Our 12-week program provides a unique, real-world experience and ongoing support that will help you grow personally and professionally. Make real contributions, work directly with mentors and senior leaders, network with peers, and gain access to valuable resources throughout the company.


Hear from members of the Virgin Galactic team who are who are making a difference at THE Spaceline for Earth.
It’s rare that students get hands-on experience, which is what companies are looking for. Now, I have four years of experience in manufacturing and applying my engineering knowledge.

Alex Binder
Alex Binder Former Galactic
​​​​​​​Unite Scholar
​​​​​​​Staring up at the night sky was where I realized I want to contribute to human endeavors in space, and that’s what led me here. My Virgin Galactic mentors have been incredible in supporting me in a range of areas.. I’m really grateful for our connection and relationship as I continue on in my career.
Amaury Reed
Amaury Reed Former BLAST Scholar