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10 FUN FACTS ABOUT Orange County, ca

  1. Orange County is home to many Fortune 500 companies including companies in healthcare, sciences, technology, banking, insurance, finance, and fashion.
  2. Orange County is home to many celebrities, who knows who you will see when you get a coffee or go to the beach!
  3. OC’s Huntington Beach is home to “The Wedge,” one of the most famous surf spots in the world.
  4. It has a rich Wild West history as it was home to a group of thieves and criminals. 
  5. There were once pirates Orange County! They would stop by the Mission San Juan Capistrano to drink all of their alcohol and eat all of their food before going back to their ship.
  6. Anaheim was founded by Germans. They lived next to the Santa Ana River, and they combined the name of the river with the word heim, which means “home” in German. 
  7. It has 40 miles of coastline including some of the most beautiful beaches and state parks in California. Read our Guide to OC Beaches to decide which one you will visit next? 
  8. It’s famous in Hollywood. Orange County is very close to Los Angeles, so it makes sense that it was the shooting location for many TV shows and movies.
  9. Costa Mesa, in Orange County, is home to a large population of Vietnamese families. In fact, the area is now called “Little Saigon!”
  10. Whale watching is available year round in Orange County. 


Anaheim, CA 
As the home of Disneyland Resort, the city of Anaheim is a crowd-pleasing destination for visitors from around the globe. The appeal of this Orange County hub extends well beyond its theme parks, however, thanks to magnets such as Angel Stadium and the headliner acts at the Honda Center. Anaheim boasts a reinvigorated downtown and vibrant nightlife, too, making this a vacation haven for everyone from families to foodies.

Buena Park , CA
Known as the "Center of the Southland," Buena Park is a City with a distinct heritage undergoing an exciting revitalization in business, residential, and commercial projects. 

Costa Mesa, CA
With a nickname like the “City of the Arts,” it's no surprise that Costa Mesa has a vibrant performing arts scene, but this sunny city also offers some of the best shopping and dining in famed Orange County. Explore the arts this city is known for, and use it as a gateway for enjoying the region's well-known coastal gems and family fun. 

Irvine, CA 
With it's population well over 200,00, it's no wonder many have decided to call Irvine their home with it's reputation as being one of the nation's safest communities, it's vibrant business environment and its unsurpassed educational system. Irvine's huge selection of housing opportunities include several "villages", each of which were initially planned to have a distinct architectural theme. 

Laguna Beach , CA
Laguna Hills is one of the smallest cities in Orange County at just under seven square miles. It is relatively new compared to many of the coastal cities in the county, becoming an official city in 1991. The City of Laguna Hills profile includes city history and information for residential services, shopping, dining, and points of interest throughout the city. 

Mission Viejo, CA
Named the safest city in the US in 2007 by Morgan Quitno Press, this mainly residential community features a large number of single family homes, a community college, a man-made recreational lake, regional hospital and a popular mall in addition to other shopping and entertainment areas. 

Santa Ana, CA 
The City of Santa Ana was established in 1869, becoming the county seat of Orange County when it split from Los Angeles in 1889. Santa Ana is approximately 33 miles south of the city of Los Angeles and contains many historic buildings within the Downtown Historic District which is a central location for shopping, dining, and the arts. The profile for the city of Santa Ana in Orange County, California includes city history and information for residential services, shopping, dining, and points of interest throughout the city. 

Click HERE to get information on additional cities near Orange County, CA.  

New Resident Checklist

  • Obtain a Driver’s License within 10 days of starting a job or becoming a resident.
  • Get a Smog Check
  • Register out of state vehicle within 20 days of starting a job or becoming a resident.
  • Set up utilities and move in. 
  • Notify service providers of change of address.
  • Consult with mortgage lender.
  • Las Cruces Tour with Cartus.
  • Click HERE to see a list of Realtors & Real Estate Agents in your area.
  • Determine community of choice.
  • Rental Tour with Cartus.
  • Click HERE to see a list of rentals in your area.



Orange County has many hospitals to serve the community. When researching areas to live, looking into the different hospitals nearby is something to consider. It’s always reassuring that medical help is in close proximity in times of need.  

Click the link below to find out more about the nearby hospitals in your area.
Local Hospitals

The 411 (Emergency services)

  • Emergencies: 911
  • Non-Emergencies – (714) 765-1900
  • Sheriffs Dept.- (714) 647-7000
  • Fire Dept. – (714) 573-6000
  • California Roadside Service

California Roadside Service
Traffic Reports
Poison Center
Power Outages
Discover Orange County
California Government
John Wayne Airport
Change of Address
Public Libraries

Public Schools in
Orange County, CA 

The Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) serves some of Orange Countyʼs most vulnerable student populations and provides support and mandated fiscal oversight to 28 school districts serving more than 600 schools and approximately 450 ,000 students. The links below are provided as a resource by the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE). School districts and community college districts in Orange County are independent agencies that are governed locally by elected Boards of Trustees. 

Private Schools in Private Schools in Orange County, California

A comprehensive look at private schools and why they might be right for your child. Explore the history of private school education, weigh the pros and cons of public vs. private school, and get valuable advice on making the best choice for your child. Learn more about the various types of private schools from military to progressive and review directories from a variety of resources including private school associations and offline publications. There are 377 private schools serving 70,104 students in Orange County, CA. Learn more about private schools, find schools, get admissions tips and financial aid help through the link below.

Top ranked Orange County, Ca. private Schools
  • Capistrano Valley Christian
  • Grace Christian School
  • Heritage Oak Private School
  • Mission Basilica School
  • Pacific Academy
  • Sage Hill School
  • St. Mary's School
  • Stoney Brooke Christian School
  • Westcliff Preparatory Academy
  • Fairmont Schools - San Juan Capistrano
  • Fusion Academy Aliso Viejo
  • Fusion Academy Anaheim Hills
  • Fusion Academy Huntington Beach
  • Fusion Academy Huntington Beach - Seacliff Village
  • Fusion Academy Mission Viejo
  • Fusion Academy Newport Beach
  • The Geneva School
  • The Open School
  • Statford School Mission Viejo
  • Aliso Viejo Christian
  • Anaheim Discovery Christian School
  • Areteem Institute
  • Aronoff Preschool
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • C4I Academy
  • Calvary Chapel High/maranatha Christian Academy
  • Calvary Christian School
  • Carden Conservatory Preschool, Elementary & Junior High School
  • Carden Hall
  • Christ Lutheran Church and School
  • Christ Luther School
  • Crean Lutheran High School
  • Eastside Christian Schools
  • Fairmont Preparatory Academy
  • Fairmont Schools - Anaheim Hill Campus

Click HERE for more information on Orange County private schools.

Parent’s guide to immunization

Visit Orange County Immunization HERE to get more information regarding immunizations.

Places of Worship in Orange County, CA

recreation - things to do



Shopping in The O.C. is almost as legendary as surfing. Check out our broad selection of stores below. 


There is an Orange County hiking trail for everyone, from tough mountain hikes, to hidden waterfalls, to pristine coastal hikes with ocean views. Orange County Parks Department is one of the best in the USA.



Once regarded as a secondary market to Los Angeles, Orange Countyʼs food scene has come into its own as of late. Thereʼs something for everyone in Orange County, and here are some essential restaurants in Orange County. 

Transportation - ORANGE COUNTY, CA

Visit HERE for more information on Orange County Transportation Authority​​​​​​​
Motorists pay tolls through the use of a convenient FasTrak® transponder that automatically deducts the toll amount from a prepaid account. You can use a FasTrak® transponder issued by any of the California toll operators or obtain one by opening an account HERE.
  • Tickets - Click HERE to find out where you can purchase Metrolink tickets.
  • Schedules - Visit for details regarding general information, maps, and schedules..  
  • Cash Fare - $2.00 Cost per boarding; no transfers issued

  • One Day Pass - $5.00 Sold by coach operator on board; valid until 2:59 am the following day of purchase.

  • Prepaid Bus Passes - Prepaid bus passes are available online or local retailers. 

  • All NM teammates receive a survey weekly and sign up for the shuttle online.

  • Prepaid One Day Pass - $4.50

  • Regular 30-Day Pass - $69.00​​​​​​

Using the Youth Ride Free pass, Orange County youth ages 6 to 18 can ride OC Bus for free for travel to school, work or fun all year long.​​​​​​​
  • Cash Fare - $0.75 Cost per boarding: no transfers issued

  • ACCESS Eligible Fixed Route Cash Fare - $0.25 Cost per boarding: no transfers issued. OCTA ACCESS ID required

  • One Day Pass - $1.50 Sold by coach operator on board; valid until 2:59 am the following day of purchase.

  • Prepaid One Day Pass - $1.35

  • 30-Day Pass - $22.25

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